Hi, My name is Sabeet Chowdhury and I am a Software Developer. I graduated with a Bachelor's from Queens College in December 2020 while majoring in Computer Science. Courses I took relevant to my major includes but are not limited to:
Software Engineering, Genetic Algorithms, Databases, Operating Systems, Principals of Programming Languages, Internet Web Technologies, Data Structures, OOPs in Java, OOPs in C++, etc.

Slightly prior to my graduation, I recieved an internship oppurtunity with Workschool.co where I interned there as a React developer.

After my internship ended, I applied to Cognixia's Jump Program. The Jump program provided me training for our ever changing industry to become a Full Stack Software Developer. Within a six week period, I learned core Java fundmentals aswell as advance functions, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, SQL, Java Spring Boot, and AWS.

I am currently looking for a challenging work environment in a collaborative setting. As I find myself progressing through the challenges that come forth, I gain the experience required to one day become an industry leader. I am always open to learning new technologies as I'm always excited for advancements in software development.

And finally, I would like to mention that I code for fun too! Aswell as coding for good.


Languages: Java, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL
Frameworks: Spring Boot, React, Express, Node, Bootstrap
Tools: Git, Linux, Windows, Unix, Docker
Infrastructures: AWS